Rīgā šobrīd ir otrdiena, 2021. gada 7. decembris, 03:06

Baltijas valstu drošības jautājumi

Amerikas latviešu apvienība ir norūpējusies par Baltijas drošības jautājumiem un aicina jūs ASV latviešu bažas darīt zināmas ASV kongresam, it sevišķi tagad, kad notikumi Sīrijā atņēmuši pasaules vērību no Krievijas agresīvās rīcības pret savām kaimiņvalstīm.

Piesakiet vizītes pie saviem Tautas vietnieku nama pārstāvjiem un senatoriem; sūtiet vēstules (pa faksu vai elektroniski, bet ne pa pastu)! Izsakiet atzinību par līdzšinējo polītisko atbalstu un par NATO militāro palīdzību Latvijai! Savās tikšanās un vēstulēs aicinām jūs uzrunāt šādus jautājumus (turpinājumā angliski):

The American Latvian Association is greatly concerned  about Latvia’s security due to Russia’s agression in the region.  We urge you to strongly voice this concern to your representatives in Congress, especially since events in Iraq and Syria have taken world attention away from Russia’s deplorable actions.

Personally visit your congressmen and senators with this message. Send letters (by fax or e-mail, but not by regular mail).  Thank them for their support to date, including support for NATO military assistance in Latvia.  In your visits and letters, please raise the following points:

1) Continue to strengthen the defense capabilities of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia by providing a persistent NATO troop presence, incorporating training and military exercises.  Press NATO to reaffirm Article 5, and quickly and unequivocally react to any move on the part of Russia to interfere in the sovereign affairs of its neighbors and members of NATO - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

2) Support continued support to the European Reassurance Initiative that would provide additional funding for Baltic defense.

3) Counter Russia's propaganda machine by maintaining Congressional funding to independent news outlets exposing Russian disinformation.

4) Maintain, and when needed, tighten economic sanctions on Russia, until Russia reverses the annexation of Crimea and returns it to Ukraine. Support H.R. 93, the "Crimea Annexation Non-Recognition Act", which prohibits the United States from recognizing the de jure or de facto annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, introduced by Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-VA).

5) Bring to public (and diplomatic attention) ongoing Russian provocations, testing the will and stamina of NATO and the US, including frequent intrusions into Baltic airspace by Russian military jets, and provocative and inflammatory statements by Russian officials. 

WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO TO HELP?   We must actively gather support for Latvia in the United States Congress! - If they are not already a Member, urge your U.S. Representative to join the House Baltic Caucus! List of HBC Members: http://housebalticcaucus.webs.com/members.htm

Please take time to convey your concern about Latvia’s security to the United States Congress  - to your individual congressmen and senators – by sending them letters by e-mail and fax and by personally meeting with them  or their staffs. 

Also, please review the most recent Policy Brief by the Central and East European Coalition (CEEC), for more background information on these and other important issues: http://ceecoalition.us/ ALA is a CEEC member organization.